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Taking your offline business online may be tasking and require you to do a whole lot to make it successful. But it is worthwhile because your online presence creates room for greater sales. You are no longer restricted by time, distance, or physical presence. Crafting an online store that uses live commerce tools is an excellent move to raise brand awareness, build credibility, and sell all around the clock.


Transitioning your business from offline to online is the best way to stay current in today’s unpredictable market. Businesses need as many streams as possible should any unexpected situation arise. Many benefits of selling online extend beyond just being prepared for a future crisis.

The book contains step by step process to take your offline business online. From building a brand to converting customers into your brand fans and speaking for you. Read the book to follow the step-by-step process of scaling your business.


The book is authored by Pankaj, a performance marketing specialist who specifically focuses on the niches of D2C, B2B, Edtech, Subscription Business & Amazon Ads, and runs his agency named Impossible Marketing headquartered in Delhi, India which caters to small businesses, corporates, and individuals globally.


In the span of 8 years, he has worked with clients in the field of personal development, healthcare, real estate, software development, travel, education, media, gaming, and more.


In addition, he has generated a revenue of $10M+ for his clients and helped them with the initial setup along with their marketing strategies.

Go Online With Ease By Pankaj Upadhyay

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