• Pankaj Upadhyay

What does success look like to you?

Is it money in the bank account or loving your family or helping people or being famous. Everyone has a different definition of success. 

I used to think to be a millionaire or billionaire is what you call success but does that mean the scientists who are working for the better of the mankind, those who are exploring space or doctors saving patients or when someone stands up for a cause and lead a revolution and help make the world better, isn’t that success? 

Success looks different to everyone and should be respected. My mum and dad like most Indian parents weren’t rich but they worked hard and gave education to me and my brother even at the expense of their happiness at times. 

To them success meant that their children grow up and live a better life, in our developing country there are so many parents like mine. They sacrifice for us so as the next generation we can succeed. I’m sure most of us can relate to this. 

I have questioned many times what does success looks like to me? What is my purpose to be here? My life, of course, is not perfect but there are far more people who need help. I am grateful to the universe for all the help. 

After college, I decided to donate 10% of whatever I make every month to the charity I believe in and do great work such as Akshay Patra, Oxfam India, and various relief funds. Today I completed $10k in donations. My goal is to get to $100k in the next three years.

We are already working on revamping our education sector, working with RoboChamps- a company providing robotics to schools, we have already set up labs in 100+ schools and have set a goal of 500+ schools in the next year. 

We are also launching a mobile truck that will be set up with a robotics lab inside it and will go to rural areas and teach students robotics at a basic level. Automation and robotics are going to be the future and it’s high time we get our next generation future-ready. 

Will love to hear what does success looks like to you? 

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